Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Bible Studies for April 2021

                                                   Master Bible Studies

As Presented By

Pastors Wade A. Wyatt, Sr. and LaShelia Mack Wyatt

April 2021

  1. Reasons to study the Bible and the Master Bible Studies.
    1. Study and do your best to present yourself to God approved, a workman [tested by trial] who has no reason to be ashamed, accurately handling and skillfully teaching the word of truth. 2 Timothy 2:15 AMP
  2. The Bible
    1. How was the Bible formed?
    2. The writers and contributors to the Bible
    3. Why are there so many different bibles and translations?
    4. Why were there some writings left out of the canonized Bible?
    5. Are there contradictions in the Bible?
    6. Should the Bible be taken literally?
    7. The context at the time the Bible was written
  3. Need for Salvation- The Fall in the Garden
    1. What occurred prior to Adam and Eve disobeying God?
    2. What were God’s intentions for humankind?
    3. How did the serpent persuade Eve to disobey God?
  4. Trinity
    1. What time is it?
    2. The Trinity in dealing with humankind.
    3. God the Creator.
    4. Jesus the Redeemer.
    5. The Holy Spirit, the Empowerment and his Gifts
  5. Selected Outside Study books
  6. Satan’s Bag of Tricks
    1. A must knowledge every Christian must possess
    2. How to overcome Satan?
    3. I explain who Satan is, his history, his mission, his outcome
    4. We examine many of his tricks and how to avoid them
    5. A partial list of tricks is presented below
      1. Not knowing the Word of God
      2. Not Praying
      3. Alcohol Abuse
      4. Lust/Adultery/Pornography
      5. Overeating/Not Exercising
      6. Homosexuality
      7. Fear/Disbelief
      8. Racism
      9. Gossip
      10. Smoking/Tobacco Products
      11. Holy Ghost Misunderstood/Ignorant to his gifts
      12. Drug Abuse
      13. Guns/Violence/Gangs
      14. Satanic Worship “666”
      15. Laziness
      16. Luck Astrology
      17. Gambling/Lotteries
      18. Too Busy
  7. Selected books of the Canonized Bible
  8. Prayer
    1. What is Prayer?
      1. Individual
      2. Group
    2. Types of Prayers
    3. How do we prayer?
    4. This is an opportunity to strengthen your prayer life
  9. Faith
    1. What is it?
    2. Why is required now?
    3. Great examples of faith in the Bible
  10. Trials and Tribulations
    1. What are they and why do they come?
    2. How to overcome trials and tribulations
    3. Individual verses National
  11. Tithes and Giving
  12. Denominational beliefs and doctrines
  13. Biblical Characters
  14. Heaven and Hell
  15. Your Calling in Life.
    1. From Discipleship to Apostleship
  16. The Sacraments
  17. Today’s Issues.
    1. Sexuality.
    2. Marriage and Divorce.
    3. Evil Society (What’s wrong with it?)

Please come to Bible Study and prepared to discuss the above topics to study.

To be a part of our Bible Study we conduct every Tuesday at 7pm dial 1-612-746-7368 and when prompted enter the code 296660.  We are hoping to begin meeting in person soon.  We also pray at our gatherings.  Thank you.